Yard Dog Landscaping
Knoxville & Surrounding Areas
Mon-Sat: 7:00am - 8:00pm

Choosing the right Knoxville irrigation & outdoor lighting specialist is the key to a successful project. Our landscaping experts have been designing and installing irrigation and lighting systems for over 21 years!

They will carefully design irrigation and lighting systems that ensure maximum coverage of your lawn and gardens.


Regularly watering your lawn and gardens is the key to preserving lushness and beauty.  There are hundreds of different products available, we make sure to select the best tools available for your project.  Many Knoxville irrigation companies select the most profitable option for them; we select the best solution for you.


The good times shouldn't stop just because the sun goes down.  When you're ready to get hours of additional enjoyment from your property, we'll design and install an outdoor lighting system that looks great and functions reliably!




Key Benefits of this Service

Don't let the time associated with watering your lawn and garden prevent you from having a space to enjoy.  Yard Dog Landscaping will design a system that automates your watering schedule.

  Save LOTS of time with an irrigation system
  Regular watering enhances plant health
  Customized to reflect your property's topography
  Energy-efficient equipment and design
  Optional moisture sensors prevent over-watering